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anna asked me this morning, "did i see your husband yday?"
me: yes ... it was raining and i didn't bring my umbrella, so he picked me up.
anna: whatta nice guy

i've scheduled a lasik surgery at ellis eye center, it'll be on Dec/29 for Pre-Op at 2 pm and Jan/2 at 10.30 am for the surgery ... all procedures will be done at San Jose Clincic, following by a recall appointment at SF clinic the following day.

Remainder: i shouldnt wear my conctact 3 days prior to Pre-Op and 7 days prior to surgery :( ...


just had a free exam at Ellis Eye Center; yet, I still have another appointment at Palo Alto clinic before making my decision.

last night, we had dinner at Fresh Choice ... a resto that offers all-u-can-eat for salads and italian foods; i love the chowder but their spaghetti and desserts were awful. Since the resto is in Daly City, we made an extra stop at Seramonte Mall (Life Uniforms) to buy stuffs for my clinic rotation; I bought shoes (I hate the model though) and 2 uniforms.


whatta buzie week! TGIF ...


Uuk called (from San Jose) that he would not stop by at Fry Electronic. Goody, we're really in SOS ... we urgently need to stock up our logistics. If he comes home before 7, we'll still have time to go to Pacific Super.

Just when I posted this blog, he called again ... he said that he'd go straight to the market to pick up the groceries; therefore, we'd have enough time to dine at Japanese Resto in Westlake. Pleasantly, I dictated the shopping list and remainded him to be a smart buyer :D Meaning: check for the special offer of the day!


Did anybody go to early bird sale? I didnt ... anyway, thx to "sopoyono" who called and remainded me (i was still asleep when you called, sistah!) about it.


In leu of having turkey for dinner, which is not my custom, I've decided to cook "nasi hainam" for dinner and yi ge qingcai; meanwhile, Uuk inquired if I wanted to dine at a resto in Clement that offers "special" - when I say special, don't even think of any "special food" :D - price for thanksgiving. We can be extremely cheap sometimes ... but I said that I'd rather spend a crazy chilly night at home, watching TV and/or reading my "bible" (textbooks), than go out for dinner.

I wonder why Jackie picked The Bridge of San Luis Rey (by Thornton Wilder) for our final essay; however, I dont dispute that the story is fascinating. Every single word, that the writer uses, is well blended into its sentences; each line of the sentences plays with our emotions and carries our eagerness onto even more endlessly unsolving anwers :D ... Indeed, this is one of the best novel that I've ever read so far (Wilder won pulitzer prize for this novel) ... but when it comes to the fact that I have to make a thesis and develop an outline for my essay, I hate this novel ... it gimme hell of headache :( ... the story is full of figurative and ambiguous angles. Some of my fellas said that this novel was simply full of craps :D ... woyyy people, it's a literature ... what do you expect? :D

Maybe I'll write about Camila Perichole, one of the main characters, as if she relentlessly looks for love thru the course of her life; thus I'll focus on the issues such as love, insecurity and transformation. Hopefully, I'll be able to see Jackie next thursday to discuss about my draft; likewise, I need to come couples of minutes before 4 if I dont want her to send me home since she's already booked up for appointments.

I'm a bit worry about Anna's quiz on Monday ... she hasnt clearly explained about the "impression/alginate" ... oh boy, the giant lady strikes again!!!!


I woke up at 9:30AM ... I was tooooo late for Anna's lab!!! When I was walking down to the bus stop ... I saw K-Line coming ... hosh hosh hosh I was running like crazy, luckily the driver stopped for traffic.

Gosh, the lab was busy ... lots of students from Monday lab came to make-up their works. If the alginate impression wasnt due today, I surely wouldnt have come in ... too many students = chaos. I lost my maxillary (arch) tray, somebody must have taken it from my table. Next time I should put my things a side until I'm ready to use them. Anna didnt have any big mandibular (arch) tray anymore ... the small one that she gave me was too narrow, I couldnt take impression with it although I might stick some beading/utility wax underneath it

Finally I managed to borrow the tray from Johanna ... but still, I had to wait for the auto-machine because Christina and Linda were using it. For man arch, Anna wants us to mix it using the machine. If I hadn't finished with max arch impression (the one that Anna instructed us mixing with hand) ... I wouldn't have to bother anyone neither with the machine nor the tray. What a bad day!

It's not really a bad day though ... I left office earlier today, my boss let me leave at 4 PM because tomorrow is thanksgiving day. I stopped at Wallgreens on my way home to buy some pasta to make "makaroni panggang." Uuk wasn't home when I came, he's pretty busy this week with his clients ... well, I shouldnt be grumpy about it, coz it meant $$$$$ for us ... hehehe.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone ...

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