enjoy reading my journals ... :D


anna asked me this morning, "did i see your husband yday?"
me: yes ... it was raining and i didn't bring my umbrella, so he picked me up.
anna: whatta nice guy

i've scheduled a lasik surgery at ellis eye center, it'll be on Dec/29 for Pre-Op at 2 pm and Jan/2 at 10.30 am for the surgery ... all procedures will be done at San Jose Clincic, following by a recall appointment at SF clinic the following day.

Remainder: i shouldnt wear my conctact 3 days prior to Pre-Op and 7 days prior to surgery :( ...


just had a free exam at Ellis Eye Center; yet, I still have another appointment at Palo Alto clinic before making my decision.

last night, we had dinner at Fresh Choice ... a resto that offers all-u-can-eat for salads and italian foods; i love the chowder but their spaghetti and desserts were awful. Since the resto is in Daly City, we made an extra stop at Seramonte Mall (Life Uniforms) to buy stuffs for my clinic rotation; I bought shoes (I hate the model though) and 2 uniforms.


whatta buzie week! TGIF ...

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